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Abu Dhabi Tourism Board (ADTB) is among the most visible tourism board in Dubai and makes its place while in a high-profile tourism promotion organization simply because Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (TCA). So, this is not just any travel company supplying solutions and has visitors who would like to make their trips a lot more fascinating and fascinating. It aims at offering attractions and services to various sections of the local community of Abu Dhabi as per their own desires.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is held every year on the Yas Marina Circuit, one of the top attractions within the city. The racing is held in October and November, during the summer months also it’s the one motorsport race held in the Middle East. Just how much will it can save you? It’s essential to check out the whole expense of the activities you wish to do, so you can ensure that you are investing as cash which is much as possible on your journey. You can save money by taking one day trip to Al Ain instead of a long distance flight.

Nonetheless, this tends to suggest that you’ll have to buy the flight, in addition to the entrance fee together with the transportation to and from the airport terminal. Louvre Abu Dhabi: Where Culture and Art Unite. Prepare being moved into a community of art, culture, and history at the Louvre Abu Dhabi. This architectural marvel is not just a museum but a masterpiece in itself. Designed by celebrated architect Jean Nouvel, the museum’s stunning dome appears to float above the complex, creating a mesmerizing play of light and shadow.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: A Serene Marvel. The journey of ours through Abu Dhabi’s attractions begins with a symbol of spiritual and architectural splendorthe Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This magnificent edifice may be a testament to the UAE’s resolve for blending contemporary design with Islamic tradition. With its gleaming white-colored domes and towering minarets, it’s a sight to see, often compared to a pearl in the desert. The fantastic thing about Umm Ali is in its richness and simplicity.

It’s a dessert that warms the heart and delights the senses. Whether you love it as a soothing dessert after a meal or perhaps a sweet indulgence on a lazy afternoon, Umm Ali is a dessert that encapsulates the heart of Abu Dhabi’s culinary culture. Al Ibrahimi Palace Restaurant: Renowned for its authentic Middle Eastern cuisine, Al Ibrahimi Palace is a good choice for each falafel and shawarma. The flavors the following are as honest as they appear. Al Majboos: Al Majboos, occasionally called «Kabsa,» is another Emirati staple which showcases the influence of Middle Eastern spices.

It is a perfumed rice dish prepared with a mix of aromatic spices, saffron, and tender pieces of meat, typically lamb or chicken. The secret lies inside the mixture of spices, which includes cardamom, cinnamon, and black lime, giving Al Majboos its unique flavor and alluring aroma. Sheikh Zayed Cultural Centre. The Sheikh Zayed Cultural Centre is a significant part of the community. It was actually made as a school, though it was actually re built in the early 1980’s and it has since been used to host events.

It’s a concert hall, art galleries, restaurants and cafes and also a tiny zoo. It is also home to the Abu Dhabi Official Dhabi International Marine Festival that is among the biggest marine festivals in the world. Umm Ali: The Queen of Desserts.

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